Over the years I have been teaching many students have asked me if there is a book specific on Anshin Ryu Karate. My simple answer was “No”. I was continually asked to write one, but just didn’t have the time. That is until now!

My first book on this subject is called:

Anshin Ryu Karate-Do Volume 1: Insight from 8th Kyu to 5th Kyu.

It’s purpose is to provide the student with an aid to their training for Tsuki (punches and strikes), Keri (kicks) and Use (blocks) from White Belt to Red Belt. The book provides numerous photos and their explanation to each of the movements in the application of the techniques. In addition I have provided an insight to Renraku Waza (combination techniques), Kata (form) and Bunkai (Kata application). It has topics that explains Dojo Etiquette and the geography, Warm up Exercises, Stances and much more. At the end of the book there is a Glossary of terminology that is used in the martial arts

Here are excerpts from the Foreword:

From his foreword: Sensei Roy Stanhope, Hanshi Kudan – Shukokai

Apart from being very informative, regarding what’s required of the student in terms of a grading syllabus, I was pleased to see a ‘Code of Ethics’, which was understandable, given his own views on what constitutes a good martial artist. I was particularly pleased that there was an element of strengthening exercises, coupled with stretching and joint manipulation.”

From his foreword: Sensei Franco Sanguinetti, Nana Dan – Okinawa Goju Ryu, Hachi Dan -Matayoshi Kobudo

Reading through this publication I can see the deep knowledge of his karate style and equally the importance of his desire to share it with his students for their benefit


It can be purchased on Amazon, cost £15


There is a Volume 2 in the planning stages that is going to be similar to Volume 1, but covering from 4th Kyu to Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt). It is hopefully going to be due sometime in the New Year, 2019.