Kodokan Martial Arts is not a Business, and therefore we do not make profit to pay for anyones wages. The money we do get in pays for the hire of halls, teaching insurance, membership to associations etc. However, payment is made by standing order as it is easier for both parties, in that we don’t have to bank cash, and the students don’t have to worry about paying on the training night or finding the correct subs to train. The student has full control over this payment as well through their bank.

A monthly subscription is £30 for two lessons a week, or £25 for one; Little Dragon’s lessons are £20 for one lesson per week. However our lessons are for 1.5 hours on a Monday/Tuesday for Juniors, 2 hours on a Tuesday for Seniors, but only 1 hour for LD’s and Juniors on a Saturday. So to get best value would be to train during the week. This works out cheap in comparison to some other groups 1 hour lessons.

Other cost associated with becoming a member is dependent on whether the student wants to train in Anshin Ryu Karate, and/or Matayoshi Kobudo.

Karate involves a annual license fee of £24 for the first year (includes Grading Book) then £22 every year there after. The Matayoshi Kobudo is slightly different as we are associated to the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International association. Please note that although we do our best to keep down the cost, these prices could change from those given above (please contact us for current price).

Other associated costs comes from students suits, grading, sparring equipment and weapons (if a kobudo student). See question below about where to get suits and equipment.

Good family discounts are available for monthly subscriptions depending on how many classes they want to take.

Please contact us for further information.