1. The Anshin Karate classes are broken down into a lesson curriculum, whereby the class is arranged into warm-ups, followed by syllabus from the student’s next belt. In addition a featured topic, such as Drills, Body Conditioning, and Sparring to name a few. They also learn Reigi (Etiquette), theory, philosophy and history to the art.
  2. The Matayoshi Kobudo is based around syllabus work on featured weapons, such as Bo (staff), Nunchaku (flail), Tonfa (side Handle Baton), Sai (trident dagger) and Iekyu (oar) etc. Also additional work accompanies this, such as Drills etc. They also learn Reigi, theory, philosophy and history to the art.
  3. Little Dragons Karate is broken down into warm-ups, syllabus work, pad work, sparring with instructors and games. They also learn Reigi and Japanese relating to their art.

The best thing to do is come along to see our classes or try our classes out with two free lessons in Karate and Kobudo.