Notice Board

Notice Board

This Notice Board is for our members to use, and not just for the notices that are given by instructors. So if you have something you what to display then let me know by email, or in class. For example, if you want to sell items or give away unwanted items, such as karate suit then this is a place to put it.

Licence Increase from 1st April 2010

Please note that the Licence fees have gone up as from 1st of April 2010. I got an email from our Association informing of this increase. Below is the details:

Dear Colleague

I am writing to inform you that, after what has been a difficult year for
most of us, together with the ever increasing cost in almost everything, we
have decided to impose a small increase in the licence fee, of £2. We are aware
that we have to be prudent in these difficult times, and already have
disposed of a very nice office, and moved to a temporary one with part time
staff. When the proposed increase is spread annually it only works out as an
extra few pence per week, but it would help us greatly.

Also we have also decided to introduce a one off payment for the
licence/record books of £2.00. These are not to be confused with the old
ones that we used to use many years ago. These are quality stitched rather
than the cheap option of pinning. These will last for a lifetime within the
Martial Arts and consequently this is reflected in the ever increasing cost
of them. I've spoken with a number of our senior instructors about the
licence booklets and most of them have some going back more than 25 years of
which they treasure greatly. The fee proposed by the way is only a few
pence more than what we actually pay for them.

The amended fees will come into effect on the 1st April 2010


Roy Stanhope

What this means is that Kodokan Martial Arts Licence fees will be as follows:

New Members now £24 – gone up £4 due to the new type of licence book

Renewal Licence fee now £22 – gone up £2


Licence To Associate to EKF

We have just received, Jan 2012, the following letter from UKASKO:

Dear Fred,

Please find enclosed licence slips from EKF.
The requirements for membership of the Governing body is that every member with in the Organisation is obliged to take out an EKF licence priced at £2 each because we have a number of clubs practising freestyle, we don't want to make this compulsory, so please could you co-operate by encouraging at least your senior grades to comply with this requirement. Failure to do so may result in our expulsion from the EKF which is neither wanted nor desirable. The procedure for paying for your students is to simply add £2 per person to which ever means of payments you are familiar with.


Roy Stanhope 9th Dan

What this would mean is that our licence fee would go up from £22 to £24 for existing members and new members from £24 to £26 for the first year.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm not particularly bothered if Kodokan Martial Arts is associated with the EKF. We have been with the old EKGB, which went under due to politics. This new group have now sprung up. It looks as if Freestyle groups don't need to do this, so I'm don't see why I should if we get no benefits from it. What are the Benefits? Good question, perhaps:

  1. Able to compete in traditional karate competitions.
  2. Some halls which we might hire to train may as for membership to a Governing Body
  3. Courses and Seminars given by the EKF
  4. English EKF Squad training
  5. Qualification into Refereeing
  6. Coaching Qualifications.

Do we participate in any of these – the answer is No, not at present.

So I'm not going to enforce this on our members, not unless it get enforced onto me. But if this happens then I shall battle to prevent it, as I think we are paying enough on Licence Fees already. 


Fun Pictures

If you see any funny pictures of which may amuse then let me have them and if they are suitable I will put them on these pages. Here are just a couple I received, one of the martial arts theme. You can see that the Bears have good Sanchin Dachi and Kokutsa Dachi:

Ninja Cat - Flying kick