UKASKO News Letter

UKASKO & UKMAF Association News Letter For Dec 2011 – Jan 2012


Salt is the topic here; yes salt the deadly scourge in most of our food and drink. The various health and government bodies had canvassed for years for manufacturers to reduce salt content in what we consume and a vast amount of our foodstuffs packaging now assures us that the product has reduced salt (often stating that the flavour is not impaired) But there has now been a change of thought on the subject. Doctor Niels Graudal of the American Journal Of Hypertension reports that after a prolonged study and research, cutting back on salt won’t do us good and may even be harmful. Whilst he acknowledges that less salt does lower blood pressure by one percent, the reduction also triggered a rise in harmful cholesterol by 2.5 percent and dangerous blood fats to the heart by 7 percent. I await a report later on contradicting these facts, as it will follow the usual path of who is being funded by various companies whose interests lie in opposite directions. Meanwhile I say bring on the fish and chips and the salt cellar.


As usual, December was a sparse month, but Sensei Phil Mead did run a Combat Course and Dan Grading on the 10th of December. Without recourse to a report on the proceedings, doubtless everything proceeded along the usual path with Sensei Mead, a superb seminar with Phil imparting his vast knowledge and experience. With regard to the Course which Phil conducted at the Knutsford Dojo of Sensei Kevin Barlow, we had fantastic reports from the people who had the foresight to attend. The Dan Grading results were as follows:- 1st Dan – Alan Warren, Jason Barry (Mersea Island K.C) 2nd Dan – Kelvin Lim, Lynsey Bradshaw, Paul Storey, Tiffany Storey, John Lees, (Comara).

Our Midlands Area Coach Chris Hemstock 5th Dan is holding a squad training session on Saturday 14th January, which will be open to anybody who wishes to attend, regardless of the area. This session will be followed by an Inter-Club Competition on Sunday 22nd January, again this will be open to all. If you require further information, please contact Chris on 01508 – 530573 or e-mail

Kevin Barlow, together with Neil Kenyon and Garry Lewis are holding a small inter-club competition in Knutsford in February. The competition is specifically aimed at the complete novice to gain much needed experience. So, no world champions taking part here then. Everybody is invited to take part, so if you require further details, please contact Kevin on or 01925-762449



An addition to the long list of things that will prolong our lives, helping to prevent heart disease, relieve stress and slow the ageing process of our DNA is the simple fruit-the Pomegranate. I refuse to outline the why’s and wherefore’s, but the report is the result of researchers at the PROBEITEBIO LABORATORY in Murcia, Spain. Dr Sergio Streltenbergen from this illustrious institute announced; ‘One way to look at ageing is to think of it as rusting or oxidising, a damaging process. Being able to guard against this process would be a significant breakthrough’ BUT here we go again, the two million pounds cost of the research was funded by a company by the name of POMEGREATE PURE PLUS. And guess which product they market? Yes, correct first guess-POMEGRANATES.



As a child we often asked a companion ‘Do you like buttercups?’ The answer was inconsequential because the delicate flower was held under the chin and the colour was reflected back. It was just one of those childhood pastimes. Now Cambridge scientists have discovered just why the colour is reflected, after intensive research. What made them pursue this particular research? The explanation is long and mind boggling so I won’t be divulging the details here. Next month I could be reporting why children are compelled to make long daisy chains, because doubtless the scientists will be currently engaged on that.