Training for our Senior Members.

MikeMartial Arts are a good way to keep you fit and healthy and should not put anyone off from taking it up at an older age. Between the two arts, Karate is more demanding than Kobudo, but both are beneficial to our older students. In fact, they can help you to avoid injuries!  

Sensei Bateman states: 

I have had many enquiries asking if they are too old to start at 43 years, my answer is that I have had students in their 50’s train. Furthermore, one of my oldest students started in his 60’s in both systems Karate and Matayoshi Kobudo. When he began I remember that his flexibility was not good, but now, well he can touch his toes, kick to the waste and has improved his cardiovascular system. He is now in his 70’s and has obtained high grade in both systems.

We don’t expect our older members to be as fit as the Juniors or Seniors and certainly don’t expect them to do head kicks and jumping kicks. But what a programme does give them is fitness, a healthy mind and the ability to defend themselves. Your fitness and flexibility improves over time and nothing is rushed. The instructors train the student at their current physical level and slowly improves their ability to progress.

Over 50's Karate

However, it is our advice that before anyone who is over 45 years should ask their doctor if it is OK to start. Hidden conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease may cause them problems. Discussing this with their doctors and the instructors is very important.

Along with the variation of learning the techniques, the theory behind martial arts, and self-defence the classes are very rewarding, enjoyable and sociable. For our retired citizens we do a discounted rate.

So come along and give it a try you may just like it!  

A review by Mike Dent who is now in his 7o’s:

I retired early at the age of 60, was overweight and suffered with arthritis. I wanted some form of activity. I found this family run Kobudo Club and so I enquired. Went along to watch, very impressed and Sensei made me feel very welcome. I became a club member and now much fitter, enjoying my Kobudo at the age of 73. Will always be grateful to my Sensei, his family and my fellow students.