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The School

Kodokan Martial Arts is a traditional style based school that is based in Darlington Co Durham UK. It incorporates individual clubs for Karate Training (art of the empty hand) as well as Okinawan Weapons Training (Kobudo).

The styles of Karate are given below with the School's Kobudo Style:

  • Anshin Ryu (incorporating Little Dragons Classes) – from 5 years to adult
  • Kamishin Ryu – from 16 years old to adult
  • Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International – from 14 years to adult  

Anshin Ryu Karate Kamishin Ryu Karate Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International  -UK Branch

For Class Times and Locations – Click on LINK: 

The Kobudo is a weapons school of the style called Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan, and has twelve traditional weapons in the system for the student to study.

These include: Bo, Sai, Tunkua, Nunchaku, Nunti, Ueku, Kama, Surichin, Kuwa, Tinbe, Manji Sai, and Sunsetsu Kon

In addition members can have lessons in Hanbo (walking stick) and Iaido (sword drawing) if they wish These classes are held once a month, and are open to all Kodokan Martial Arts members as part of their membership at no extra cost.

All the lessons are given by highly experienced instructors with many years of experience (see the instructors’ page).

Kodokan Martial Arts’ instructors are still being taught by higher grade instructors above them, thereby providing continuity and a continuous high level of knowledge which is then passed down through the grades to their students. 

Within each system the students of Kodokan Martial Arts learn their individual art which provides self defense skills and mind set that can be an advantage in today’s society.


More About Kodokan Martial Arts

Karate and Kobudo Students

Within Kodokan Martial Arts there is a school which will accommodate students of all ages, from 5 years to our Senior Citizens. A new student can choose to have lessons in just one of the martial arts such as one of the two styles of Karate, or Kobudo, or both Karate and Kobudo depending upon their preference and time they wish to put in training. Furthermore, Kodokan Martial Arts has taught students that have been novices to black belts from other schools that wanted to learn more than just a martial sport. All the schools are based around traditional Japanese values, and therefore steeped in both etiquette and philosophy.

Another Learn More Than Just the Physical Side of Martial Arts

As well as the practical aspect of the martial art being taught, the student learns the theory behind the arts, thus expanding their mind through martial knowledge. The student over time will get a complete balance of theory and practice. They will also have a good understanding of Japanese etiquette in martial arts.


Additional Information

Our instructors are Nationally and Internationally recognised, have coaching qualifications and have been CRB checked. We also operate a Child Safe Approved Scheme. The Anshin Ryu Karate School is associated to United Kingdom Martial Arts Federation (UKMAF) and the associated the Karate Governing Body. The Kamishin Ryu Karate is Associated to Kamishin Ryu Karate Do UK, and the Matayoshi Kobudo school is Associated to the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International, via MKKI and Franco Sanguinetti Sensei 7th Dan.

Find Out More

Within the following pages you will find further information relating to the different styles of Karate and Kobudo taught within Kodokan Martial Arts, such as details of where and when lessons are held, and about the school's instructors. There are also links to various web pages that you may find interesting and useful.

As you have made the decision to look at this web site, discovering how you can improve your physical and mental well being through the ancient way of traditional martial arts, then please delve further and look at the plethora of martial arts (Karate and Kobudo) and fitness lessons, which are practiced at:

Kodokan Martial Arts Darlington
Tel: 0780 782 7978
email: enquiry@kodokan.org.uk

Annual Awards

These awards are given out at the end of the year. They are:

  • Outstanding Senior Shield for Anshin Ryu
  • Outstanding Junior Shield for Anshin Ryu
  • Dave Blackett Shield for Anshin Ryu
  • Little Dragons Medal
  • Top Martial Artist Of The Year

Some past winners:

Top Awards

Junior Karate, Dave Blackett Award & Little Dragon's Medal Top Martial Artist & Anshin Senior Karate Award
2014-Shield-Awards 2014-Senior-Shield-Awards
From Left To Right: Little Dragon Winners Jack Gibson, Dave Blackett Shield Winner Jack Davison, & Top Junior Karate Winner Evie Peacock From Left to Right: For Top Martial Artist Stuart Bateman & Senior Anshin Ryu Karate Joseph Jones