Welcome to the Kodokan Martial Arts.

The Organisation

Kodokan Martial Arts is an organisation that incorporates Karate (empty hand) and Kobudo (Okinawan weapons) that are steeped in traditional Budo (Martial Arts) and not just for sport.  

We are a non-profit making organisation and no instructor takes a wage for their time in teaching the various classes. All the money goes into keeping the dojo (schools) open.

Because the organisation is based upon true Budo our students don’t just learn the technical side of Karate and Kobudo, but the language (Gengo), Etiquette (Reigi), and philosophy (Tetsugaku) that goes that goes with the art. This has an impact of providing an overall base structure of knowledge for our students which then in turn will allow them, if they decide to do so, to train in various dojos (schools) all over the world, in particular Okinawa itself, the birthplace of these arts.

Kodokan Martial Arts accommodates all students from the age of 5 years to Senior Citizens. As a new student coming to us will have the first 2 lessons free to try out each school or Karate (from 5yrs) and Kobudo (from 14yrs). They can choose to train in only Karate, or Kobudo, or both, depending on their preference and time that they wish to put into training.

Furthermore, we have taught students that have been novices to black belts from other schools who want to learn more than just the martial sport. Quite a few of our students when they move away from the area and try to find another group like ours often say they don’t, and some have returned back to us when they move back into the area. This is a great credit to our instructors and students which make up our schools.

All our lessons are given by highly experienced Sensei (Instructors) and Shidoin (Instructors in training) with many years of experience (see the Instructor’s page). Unlike some groups, we don’t combine the collective years, as this in nonsense. Our major instructors have individually over 34yrs teaching and training experience. Furthermore, they are still taught by higher Sensei (instructors) thereby providing a continuous high level of knowledge that is passed down to the students of Kodokan Martial Arts. This provides each student a self-defence and mind-set that can be an advantage in today’s society.

Find Out More

Within the following pages you will find further information relating to the different styles taught, which are:

  • Anshin Ryu (Karate for 5yrs and up)
  • Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International (Okinawa Weapons for 14yrs and up)

You shall find out where and when the lessons are held, and about the instructors. Further information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (General FQA page). So please delve into the site further and take a look at the plethora of martial art information that are taught at:

Kodokan Martial Arts Darlington
Tel: 0780 782 7978
email: enquiry@kodokan.org.uk


Teaching Aid for Anshin Ryu Karate

Anshin Ryu Book Vol 1 Front Cover

Because Bateman Sensei has been asked many times for an instruction book to help with their training. He decided to write one. The now students have the ability to have an aid to their training at home with his Book:

Anshin Ryu Karate-Do: Volume 1: Insight from 8th Kyu to 5th Kyu


Anshin Ryu Karate-Do provides the student with an aid to their training for Tsuki (punches and strike), Keri (kick) and Uke (blocks) from White Belt up to Red Belt in Anshin Ryu Karate The book provides numerous photos and description to explain each movement. In addition to this the author has provided an insight into Renraku Waza (combination techniques), Kata (Form) and Bunkai (application of Kata). Furthermore, the book explains topics such as the Etiquette, Dojo Geography, Warm Up Exercises and Ranking in Anshin Ryu Karate-Do.

Anshin Ryu Book Vol 1 Back Cover

Can be found on Amazon.

He is now working on the second volume from 4th Kyu to Shodan (Black Belt).