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Little Dragon Doing Well At School

We can see the benefit of training in Karate when it spills over to students performance outside of the dojo. Here is a couple of photo's of Luke, one of our Little Dragons with Sensei Fred Bateman and a Bear named Tofty.

Sensei Bateman was very proud of Luke when he was told that his school has awarded him (Head Teacher's Award) the prize of looking after Tofty for the weekend. He got this for having a fantastic attitude and lovely manners at school. As part of his award was to take photo's of where ever he goes for the weekend with Tofty. Below you can see them with Sensei Bateman.

Luke, Sensei Fred Bateman and Tofty the Bear Tofty learning the art of Karate


Karate Poll

Please vote for your favourite type of Karate training in the poll below. You can have up to 3 choices. Once completed you can see who scores the most by clicking on the Graph Icon at the bottom of the poll page after it has been submitted.



Anshin Ryu Karate Family Tree

The tree below gives our students an idea on how Anshin Ryu Karate came about, through the different styles and Sensei. The first line in the box is the Master, the second where displayed is the date, and the third is the style of the Martial Art.



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