Dojo Kun – Code of Ethics

Purpose of the Dojo Kun:

In a traditional dojo in Japan the Dojo Kun (Code of Ethics) is recited at the end of every class, after Mokuso (Meditation). This recital must always be chanted with strength, character and sincerity, it should never be mumbled. The procedure is that a chosen sempai (senior student) is given the privilege of reciting one line of the code, which is then repeated by all in the class. This is then repeated for each line in the code until the whole of the Dojo Kun is completed. In an article on the Dojo Kun, by Harry Cook, he says:

“The dojo kun points the way to the ultimate aim of training, which is mastery of the self. Ultimately, technique as such is of no importance, as it is the individual’s spirit which is being developed and disciplined. By seriously following the techniques inherent in these apparently simple precepts, the   trainee can begin to make progress in the Way of the Martial Arts.”

Thereby the continuous repeating of these codes develops the mind and character of each student, reflecting their desire   to strive forwards in life and applying what they have learnt in their everyday activities. Sadly this type of recital is not practiced in the majority of dojo’s in the west.

Anshin Ryu Karate Dojo Kun

  1. Manners – I will be respectful, and courteous to all.
  2. Commonsense – I will use commonsense before self-defence and never be abusive or offensive.
  3. Peace – I will observe the way of peace and teamwork.
  4. Drive – I will practice with all the drive I have, and strive for more than I think I have.
  5. Develop – I will develop myself in a positive manner to improve my mental growth and physical health.
  6. Courage – I will have true courage in all facets of life.
  7. Self-Discipline – I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.
  8. Self-Improvement – I will strive for individual achievement for the benefit of others.
  9. Motivation – As Sempai we are dedicated, we are motivated and shall strive to be the best.