Kamishin Ryu

Kamishin Ryu Karate Do is a  very traditional school in the way of the empty hand. The fundamental elements  of the style are found in the more modern and linear techniques of Shuri-te.  The technical aspect of Kamishin Ryu Karate evolves with the student however;  so as the student advances, the older and more technically complex skills of  Naha-te are introduced. The system is Okinawan in technique and Japanese in  methodology, benefiting from the best of both cultures in terms of the martial  arts. Kamishin Ryu Karate Do is only for the most dedicated and diligent of  students; and is not suitable for young people under the age of 16. The  techniques of Kamishin Ryu can be used effectively in real life street combat  situations. The system has many levels, technically challenging Kata and its  application against opponents, supportive drills and fighting skills. The  teaching incorporates vital point striking and close fighting techniques,  making this style deadly and effective. Consequently, the concept of karate as  a sport has no part in the Kamishin Ryu Karate Do. The style retains the true  essence of its origins, and practised purely as Budo. Having said this Kamishin  Ryu is not practised as an aggressive and antagonistic fighting techniques. The  Heart of this martial art has a spiritual essence; with the spiritual element  of Kamishin Ryu having a profound and significant role in the teaching and  comprehension of this classical art form.

The History of Kamishin Ryu Karate Do from Japan to Darlington.

(Courtesy of Sensei Phil Snewin KRKD)

Kamishin Ryu Karate Do originated in the mid 1960’s by Kameyama Eiichi Sensei. The style came into being much the same as the majority of other styles that have evolved over history. Specifically, the founder decided to move away from his former school to pursue his own ideas and objectives. Kameyama Sensei thought that the style he belonged to was placing too much emphasis on the competition arena and away from true budo. As a result, he decided to study the Naha-te of the school at the source in Okinawa.

History tells us that after a period of study in Okinawa he formulated the system, which is now known as Kamishin Ryu Karate Do, which can be translated as meaning “School of the Divine Heart” or “Heart of the Gods Style”.
In 1980 Kamishin Ryu Karate was introduced to the UK. This was achieved by one of Kameyama Sensei’s most senior disciples, Kamimoto Hiroshi Sensei. Kamimoto Sensei was not only a senior in karate but came from a very old Samurai family and was also an expert in Kenjutsu. He came to the UK under the auspices of the company for whom he worked and began teaching karate at his home in Worcester. His students were very few in number and were taught on a personal basis. He returned to Japan in 1984, after having helped establish the first UK Kamishin Ryu dojo in Staffordshire.
It was in this year of 84 that Sensei Phil Snewin founded Eikoku Kamishin Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai and since then has grown from a single club dojo to a thriving association with member dojo in various parts of the UK and Europe.

The Darlington brunch of Kamishin Ryu Karate-Do came about after Sensei Fred Bateman had returned from his training in Okinawa back in 1998. During his time in Japan he had discovered that there was more to karate than the sporting systems that were practised in the UK. Therefore, once back in England he started to look at other styles to find one that was close to what he had seen and trained in during his time in Okinawa. It was by chance that Sensei Bateman knew Sensei Snewin through their mutual association, UKASKO. During a conversation with Sensei Snewin about his time in Okinawa and his hunt for a new style, Sensei Snewin invited him on a seminar. It was after this seminar that convinced Sensei Bateman that Kamishin Ryu was very close to the type of karate that he had experienced in Okinawa. That is a martial art that was not orientated toward sport karate, but in fact towards bujutsu (a martial art). With the invite to study Kamishin Ryu under Sensei Snewin, Sensei Bateman had found the style he had been looking for. He never looked back, training by travelling down to Sensei Snewin throughout the years from that first seminar in 1998. Then in 2002, with the permission of Sensei Snewin, he opened the first Kamishin Ryu dojo in Darlington, North East of England, under the direction of the Honbu dojo in the Midlands headed by Sensei Snewin.
From that period in time our students here in Darlington have made progression through their grades, we have regular visits from Sensei Phil Snewin, and travel down to other dojo’s to train with other Kamishin Ryu students.

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