Seminars & Events

Seminars for MKKI – UK Branch 2023

  1. 11th February 2023
  2. 1st April 2023
  3. 17th June 2023
  4. 5th August 2023
  5. 14th October 2023
  6. 6th December 2023

Venue: 12.00 noon till 3:00 pm at Clifton Centre Dojo, Clifton Ave, Darlington. Fee £25

MKKI – UK Branch Instructor’s Training

  1. 14th January 2023
  2. 18th March 2023
  3. 20th May 2023
  4. 15th July 2023
  5. 9th September 2023
  6. 25th November 2023

Venue: 12.00 noon till 1:00 pm at Clifton Centre Dojo, Clifton Ave, Darlington. Free to MKKI Instructors


Gasshuku For 2023

Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International – UK Branch 17th ANNUAL GASSHUKU 1st – 3rd September 2023

This will be the 17th Annual Gasshuku in the UK. The Saturday session will be open to all Martial Artists, irrespective of style, who have an interest in Okinawan Kobudo. Friday will be for Matayoshi Instructors, and the Sunday for Matayoshi Kobudo Members.

Again the Gasshuku will be instructed by Sensei Franco Sanguinetti (8th Dan) who is a direct student of Matayoshi Sensei and one of the highest western instructors in the world today.

Cost: MKKI – UK members fee is set and agreed by the members. Training costs for the weekend must be paid fully before 4 weeks of the event date, or incur a late fee. Note: payment of fees is not refundable as they are to pay for the weekend’s training.

Contact Sensei Fred Bateman for more details
Tel: 0780   782 7978


MKKI-UK Branch Trip to Honbu Dojo in San Diego USA

Sensei Fred Bateman and three students will be going to the MKKI Annual Gasshuku in San Diego, USA between 21st to 27th February 2023. 

Please note that Karate and Kobudo classes shall be still running at the Clifton Hall Dojo.