Care of Weapons

Care of Weapons

The information within these pages is to help our Kobudo students and students that train in Iaido.

We train mainly with weapons made from wood and metal, although some safety weapons are foam or rubber. They can be purchased from various Martial Arts suppliers, but it is recommended to purchase these from Kodokan Martial Arts. There is another supplier, Reimondo, that makes certain types of weapons, they are costly and delivery is long, not usual to wait 6 months. However, the quality is excellent and purchase is recommended on certain items.

Once purchased you will need to look after and care for your weapon as you don’t want it to fail while training! These pages give some guidance on how to look after your weapons.

Transporting Weapons

Weapons should always be transported in their own individual carry bags. They should always be transported in the boot of the car. Not on the back seat in plain view, covered or uncovered. They will be classified as dangerous weapons by the Police. Always have your Kobudo or Karate Licence Book with you. If travelling abroad try to secure your weapons in rigid containers if possible.


All weapons should be inspected thoroughly for damage, before and after use. If a weapon is damaged, or in need of repair, it should not be used until it is repaired properly or replaced. Make shift repairs, tape etc is not acceptable and should never be used.

Instructions can be found on the following pages:

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