This page shows our Black Belt Students.

A Black Belt is widely known as a way to describe an expert in Martial Arts. To become a Black Belt involves a lot of training over a minimum period of 4 years or longer. Why does it take this long to attain? The answer to this is that a student must reach a set standard in all areas showing good technical skills, the right attitude, dedication, commitment and good physical fitness. Because of this it is a challenge for the student and therefore some don’t make it, but those who do excel in their discipline.

The Black Belt system starts from Shodan – 1st Dan then goes up through the Dan grades. For example, Nidan – 2nd Dan, Sandan – 3rd Dan, Yondan – 4th Dan, and so on. So the 1st Dan level is just the start; it is like leaving junior school and progressing to senior school and then onto college and university. There is so much more to the arts than reaching 1st Dan Black Belt. It is a lifetime endeavour and one that evolves as the martial artist matures.

Black Belts of Kodokan Martial Arts

Sensei Fred Bateman

Sensei Bateman has a number of Dan grades and is the chief Instructor for Kodokan Martial Arts, teaching Anshin Ryu and Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan. More information about him can be found within other pages of the website.


Sensei Chris Bateman

Sensei Chris Bateman is one of the former founders of Kazoku Karate Club – the first club associating the style of Anshin Ryu Karate. She is still very actively teaching in the Anshin Karate system for the Juniors and Little Dragons.


Sensei Stuart Bateman

Another founder member of the Kazoku Karate Club. After reaching 3rd Dan, he is also a student member of Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan.



Sensei Justin Kotzes

Sensei Justin Kotze came to us back in 2002 from Wing Kung a Kung Fu system that he studied in South Africa. He has excellent technical ability and a good fighter that is not afraid of getting stuck in! Justin is a valuable member of the School and is a good instructor.



 Sempai Michael Dean

After a lot of hard work and 4 years training for Shodan Michael from 1st Kyu he finally achieved his black belt in November 2013. This length of time show how committed and dedicated Michael is and that he never gave up on his goal. He has the right attitude to make it as far has he wants to take his martial arts. He is a valuable member and helps out with Little Dragons Class. I’m sure he will be a good Sensei one day. Michael is also studying at University.

Shidoin Beckie Challans

Beckie has been with us since she started in our Little Dragons class. Through her continued dedication she has attained her Shodan grade. She is a valuable member of the team and helps out in all classes. She is also a high kyu grade in Matayoshi Kobudo. She has started University in 2017 and we now only see her when she comes home, but she never misses a class when she does!

Shidoin Marc Faux

Marc was graded in Matayoshi Kobudo at a MKKI-UK Branch Gasshuku by Sanguinetti Sensei. He is a valuable member of the Kobudo school and is well thought of by the Kohai. He has taken to his Sempai tasks extremely well and I can see him in a Sensei role sometime in the future as he has all the right qualities for this.  


Past Dan Grades

The students below are some that had achieved their Dan grades, but now have moved onto other things. Sometimes this happens, especially with juniors as other subjects become more important to them, such as their studies, other sporting practises and involvement in their social lives.

Stephinie Howey – 1st Dan Anshin Ryu





Peter Shepperson – 1st Dan Anshin Ryu





Richard Downs – 1st Dan Anshin Ryu





Beccie Johnson – 1st Dan Anshin Ryu