Equipment For Training

Equipment For Training

Below is a list of equipment and items that is required to train in the martial arts with our group. They can be obtained via various retail outlets, such as Playwell Martial ArtsBlitz Sports, or Cimac. They can also be purchased from Amazon UK, or eBay.

However, before going ahead and purchasing the suits/equipment please ask Sensei in the dojo or via email for the correct type of suit/equipment as there are various types.

For Example:

Gi – Karate & Kobudo Suits in White and Black

  1. Students White: Beginners quality suit, light weight, 8oz.
  2. White Silver Tournament: Heavy weight suit 14oz cotton canvas. Type Sensei wears
  3. White Diamond: Heavy weight suit 14oz cotton canvas, eslastic waste-cord
  4. Japan Karate Suite: Heavy weight suit 16oz cotton canvas.