Kodokan Instructors

  • Fred Bateman, 6th Dan Anshin Ryu Karate, 3rd Dan Matayoshi Kobudo

    Sensei Fred Bateman’s History:

    He is a very experienced martial artist with over 34 years experience, who has spent time and graded in Okinawa Japan. He still trains in classes in both Karate and Kobudo. He believes that good instructors need good teachers above them. He holds Level III Coaching Qualification in Martial Arts, and he is also DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked on a regular basis.

    For more detailed information then click on Sensei Bateman’s History.

  • Stuart Bateman, 3rd Dan Anshin Ryu Karate

    Sensei Stuart Bateman’s History:

    Stuart is one of the senior Instructor’s for the Anshin Ryu Karate-Do, and has been training in martial arts since the age of 7. Although he has over 40 yrs experience he is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate and he has never bothered to take a grade. His other martial background covers Kobudo, Kamishin Ryu and Ninjutsu. Stuart holds the UKASKO national senior Kata title, winning this in two consecutive years. He has also competed for UKASKO English squad at international level. His vast knowledge in Kata is second to none, and has trained with international karate instructors. His university background provided him with the vital experience for classes in fitness, such as circuit training, which is also taught in the classes. 


Shidoin – Apprentice Instructors

These are Shodan and above members that want to become an instructor. To do this they will go through a training regime to qualify. The current members are:

  • Beckie Challans 1st Dan Anshin Ryu Karate

Shidoin Beckie ChallansShidoin Beckie Challans is a first dan in Karate and a 1st Dan in Matayoshi Kobudo. She has been with Kodokan Martial Arts since a very early age of 6yrs old. She is training to become a Sensei in both Martial Art schools, and is a very valuable member to the group.



  •  Marc Faux 2nd Dan Matayoshi Kobudo

Shidoin Marc FauxMarc Shidoin trains in only the Matayoshi Kobudo and is now undertaking to become Sensei of that system. Sensei Sanguinetti bestowed the title of Shidoin on Marc San when he became Shodan of the system. He is a well versed practitioner of the art of Matayoshi Kobudo.

  • Justin Kotze 1st Dan Anshin Karate

Shidoin Justin Kotze  was promoted to Shidoin in Feb 2023 in respect to his hard work and taking classes. He is very good assistant instructor and will hopefully become Sensei. He is also a hard taskmaster when teaching.