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Don’t go anywhere else!

I have been training with Kodokan for over 18 months and have learned so much.I started as a complete novice and was made to feel part of the family from day 1, Sensei is a great teacher and a fantastic martial artist.If your thinking of joining don’t keep putting it off…Just do it!

Andy Lee

Kodokan Martial Arts

I’ve been training nearly 4 years now under Sensei and it’s been the best thing I’ve done. Just wish I’d started earlier! It’s a great group and Sensei’s knowledge and teaching abilities are second to none. A traditional school, Sensei emphasises the importance of etiquette and Japanese culture in the lessons and I’m also picking up some of the language! Go on… you wont regret it!!

J Ballie

Matayoshi Kobudo/Kodokan Martial Arts

As a practising martial artist and instructor I am very particular about whom I train with. First and foremost the quality of instruction and knowledge of the subject is paramount. Bateman Sensei fulfills both these criteria and then some!If you are wanting to start your journey in the martial arts or are already a practitioner you will not find better instruction, anywhere. Come and see for yourself you will not be disappointed.


Kodokan Martial Arts

My daughter has been training with Sensei Fred for 7 years. Not only are you taught karate but also all about the way and history of karate. She is also learning Kobudo now as well. Won’t go any where else. If you want to learn karate then this is the school to use.


Kodokan Martial Arts – A Family School

When I moved to Darlington back in 2002, I went round all the Karate Clubs in Darlington to find one that taught traditional martial arts with all the associated drills. After a couple of training sessions with Sensei Bateman I knew I had found the right club. Most of our children have attended the club for varying durations. Now our youngest is progressing in the junior class. If you are serious looking for a family school this is the one for you!

Jayson G

Kodokan Martial Arts for Karate and Kobudo

I originally signed up my sons as it was local to me, but later joined myself as I have always had an interest. I have found the instructors knowledgeable, personable, and patient. consequently my family have been training with Kodokan for the last six years. I would recommend this family run club to anyone.

J. Legg

Anshin Ryu

A family run school that offers a high standard of training in traditional martial arts. Anshin Ryu karate offers the student the opportunity to study a very traditional karate system in greater depth than is normally available in most karate schools. The style draws on older Okinawa systems, providing a depth and authenticity to the practice. Having been a student at this school for around 10 years, I’m still constantly learning more about this fascinating school of karate. It is not just the range of techniques, kata and supplementary training taught in this system but the depth to which the training goes, offering many levels of understanding of even basic techniques. I fully recommend this style of karate to any karateka seeking a true path in the martial arts.

G. Hayley