I’m Over 50 can I practice Karate and Kobudo?

A lot of people think Karate and Kobudo is for our young generation. Well that not true, if it were we wouldn’t see old masters. In fact, both of these is a lifelong pursuit. Here in our organisation we have students in their 60’s and 70’s practicing Karate and Kobudo.

Karate for Over 50'sBoth these arts are not about the “sporting aspect”, able to kick high and fast etc, but more about looking after yourself, in health and in defence of a possible aggressor.

So, what would an over 50 student wanting to learn karate or kobudo with Kodokan Martial Arts expect?

Well they will be asked if they have any health issues as the Instructors need to know this to adapt their training. Some of our students have arthritis, and heart problems, and it hasn’t stopped them. If the student is unsure then they could ask their doctor before training. However, every student is treated different according to their age and physical ability. Martial Arts is not about making every student look the same, it’s about adapting the art to the person’s age and ability.
Senior Citizen's Karate ClassThen as they become fit then the art evolves on a gradual process. For example, should we expect a student in their 60’s to be able to kick to their head if they have arthritis or joint problems, like a student of 20years old? The answers to this is no, as a low kick can be equally a potential and more capable by the 60 year old. In that case then would we expect them not to achieve Black Belt? Again, the answer is No! Martial Arts is about fitting the art to the student and not the other way around.

The older students still learn everything that’s required to progress, the Kihon (Basics), the Kata (Forms), Bunkai (Applications and Partner Drills) and Self-defence. In addition, they learn the Philosophy and Martial Art Language that goes alongside of the training. All this provides certain benefits, such as:

  • Improved physical and mental fitness
  • More Flexible
  • Strengthens the body
  • Improves cardio fitness
  • Provides Social Interactions and Camaraderie with others
  • Enjoyable and feeling of wellbeing

These are just some of the advantages.

Our cases are friendly and all the students help one another, no matter what age or ability they are at.

If you are interested and would to discuss this with our chief instructor then please contact him. Or you could come to a class and see for yourself and discuss it with other.

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