Kodokan Martial Arts Awards

Kodokan Martial Arts Students' Awards

These awards are given out at the end of each year. They are:

  • Outstanding Senior Shield for Anshin Ryu
  • Outstanding Junior Shield for Anshin Ryu
  • Dave Blackett Shield for Anshin Ryu
  • Little Dragons Medal
  • Top Martial Artist Of The Year

There is a new award that was started in 2010 to incorporate Anshin Ryu, Kamishin Ryu & Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan. It is the Top Martial Artist of the Year and was brought in to give the other schools a chance to competed, i.e. Kamishin Ryu and Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan – Darlington Group.

The winners for 2011 are as follows:

2011 Top Martial Artist of the Year 2011 Anshin Junior Karate Awards & Little Dragon's Medal 2011 Anshin Senior Karate Award
Ken Large for Matayoshi Kobudo From Left to Right Back Row:
Dave Blackett Shield: Hazel Wake
Outstanding Junior: Michael Dean




In Front:
Little Dragon's Medal: Logan Corbett

Outstanding Senior:
Andy Lee


Rules Associated With The Winning of These Awards

  1. Top Martial Artist of the Year
    This shield is awarded to the top martial artist from any of the three systems, Anshin Ryu, Kamishin Ryu & Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan UK Darlington Group. It's presented to the student that has impressed and inspired the instructors for their dedication and outstanding training over the year.
  2. Outstanding Senior and Junior Award
    These awards are based upon Attendance, Grading Result, Top Grade Score and Sensei Score.
  3. Dave Blackett Shield
    This shield was presented by Dave Blackett, a previous student, before he emigrated to Australia. He wanted to give an award which could only be won by lower senior or junior grades, 5 kyu and below. He also set out the criteria for the winning of this award. The following text Dave had engraved on the centre part of the shield:
    "May this shield inspire students of the Kazoku Karate Club to reach their
    desired goals in appreciation of the help given by Fred, Chris & Stuart Bateman "
  4. Little Dragons Medal
    These awards are based upon Grading Result and Sensei score, which is based upon how the student has impressed them over the year.


Hall Of Fame

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[toggle title=”Top Martial Artist Of The Year”]

Year Name Category Type
2010 M. Dent Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan Single
2011 K. Large Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan Single

[toggle title=”Outstanding Senior Award”]

Year Name Type
1992 G. Lamb & J. McKim Joint
1993 G. Lamb Single
1994 R. Waters Single
1995 M. Hieghtly Single
1996 R. Waters Single
1997 E. Hopper Single
1998 M. Laycock Single
1999 M. Laycock Single
2000 M. Laycock Single
2001 – 2003 No winners
2004 J. Kotze Single
2005 J. Kotze Single
2006 J. Kotze Single
2007 M. Dent Single
2008 J. Kotze Single
2009 J. Ballie Single
2010 J. Ballie Single
2011 A. Lee Single

[toggle title=”Outstanding Junior Award”]

Year Name Type
1992 M. Welsh Single
1993 M. Welsh Single
1994 T. Devin Single
1995 K. Davidson Single
1996 D. Kelly Single
1997 P. Shepperson Single
1998 R. Downs & P. Shepperson Joint
1999 P. Shepperson Single
2000 D. Trumper & H. Mohamad Joint
2001 – 2003 No Winners
2004 R. Johnson Single
2005 J. Bale Single
2006 B. Gay Single
2007 R. Johnson Single
2008 J. Johnson Single
2009 E. Stapley Single
2010 J. Boyd Single
2011 Michael Dean Single

[toggle title=”Dave Blackett Shield”]

Year Name Category Type
1993 G. Hutton Junior Single
1994 B. Wood Junior Single
1995 G. Hopper Senior Single
1996 P. Shepperson & P. Kelly Junior Joint
1997 R. Pringle Junior Single
1998 S. McStravick & A. Watson Junior & Senior Joint
1999 T. Marshall Senior Single
2000 P. Johnson Junior Single
2001 – 2003 No Winners
2004 S. Hulbert Senior Single
2005 T. Baldwin-Sykes & J. Todd Junior Joint
2006 M. Dean Junior Single
2007 A. Pallister Junior Single
2008 T. Stapley Junior Single
2009 A. Sisk Junior Single
2010 C. Stapley Junior Single
2011 Hazel Wake Junior Single

[toggle title=”Little Dragons Medal”]

Year Name
2004 C. Hope
2005 J. Massey
2006 B. Fooks
2007 No Winners
2008 T. Leeming
2009 No Winners
2010 N. & C. Stockton
2011 Logan Corbett